About this course:

The Patent Drafting and Prosecution course is a 3-month course facilitated on an e-learning platform. This course aims to introduce IP professionals to the skills of patent drafting and prosecution.
Patent drafting and prosecution are specialized skills that merge technology with law. These skills are not taught in law school but are used regularly by intellectual property (IP) lawyers as well as inventors.

Upon completion of the course, the successful student will:
– Understand the structure and function of a patent application;
– Understand the concept of claiming within patents; be capable of drafting simple claims toward simple inventions;
– Understand the patenting process; and (for lawyers) be able to give basic patenting advice to inventors.


Primarily Kenya. However, much of patent drafting is universal and therefore all jurisdictions are covered.

Delivery and Assessment:

The course is delivered through online video sessions. There are no written materials for the course, although recommended readings are provided. Assignments are given after the student views each class, and are marked upon electronic submission.

Coursework distribution:

The course is organized into three modules, each consisting of four 45 minute videos. Homework for each module is provided as downloads , and is graded individually by the CIPIT team.

Course fees:

The course fee is Kes. 15,000 for each of the 3 modules. This caters for tuition and accreditation, and is payable before commencement of the course.