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From Colonial Legacy to AI Progress: Re-defining Gender and Data Protection in Africa

Introduction The legacy of colonialism in Africa is still visible in various forms, impacting different…
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Automated Gender Recognition Systems in Africa: Uncovering Bias and Discrimination

Gender data plays a vital role in decision-making processes across various online platforms. Gender-targeted advertising…
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Exposed & Vulnerable: Tackling Non-Consensual Sharing of Personal Images in Kenya

The act of sharing a personal image without consent is a violation of the subject’s…
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Exploring the Intersection of Copyright Law and Text and Data Mining Research in Kenya: CIPIT’s Policy Brief

In a previous blog, we discussed the role of copyright law in creating a conducive…
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Celebrating World IP Day: Promoting Access to Knowledge and the Right to Research Seminar

Celebrating World IP Day: Promoting Access to Knowledge and the April 26th marks World Intellectual…
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The Default Gender in AI Assistant Technologies: Possible Impact on Women in Africa

Introduction Artificial Intelligence (AI) assistant technologies such as digital voice assistants and chatbots have become…
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The Gender Equality Mirage: From Human Bias to AI Bias in Digital ID Systems in Africa

Introduction Digital ID systems refer to systems that use digital technologies to capture, validate, store,…
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An Overview of the Kenyan Law on Commercial Use of Personal Data

Commercial use of personal data or direct marketing has been defined as the ‘distribution of…
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Celebrating World IP Day 2023: Case of Taita Taveta Basket Weavers

The Intellectual Property (IP) world comes together every April 26th to celebrate world intellectual property…
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Smart farming and artificial intelligence in East Africa: Addressing indigeneity, plants, and gender

Authors: Laura FosterKatie, SzilagyiAngeline, WairegiChidi Oguamanam, Jeremy de Beer View/Download PDF
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