Course Description

The Data Protection online course, created by the Centre for Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law (CIPIT), is designed to introduce participants to concepts in data protection based on Kenya’s Data Protection Act, particularly the compliance aspects required of businesses and organisations. With this course, CIPIT aims to:

    • Introduce participants to concepts and terms used in data protection laws globally.

    • Give participants an in-depth understanding of the legal basis and scope of Kenya’s Data Protection Act.

    • Prepare participants to comply with the technical and organisational measures required under Kenya’s Data Protection Act.

    • Provide participants with the knowledge and skills required to serve as or support a Data Protection Officer (DPO).

The course consists of three interconnected modules:

    • Module I is an introduction to the legal basis for data protection, as well as legal issues such as the data protection principles, grounds for data processing and the data protection actors and their various roles.

    • Module II builds on the legal issues by taking participants through technical and organisational issues that would be required under the Data Protection Act.

    • Module III takes participants through the role and functions of a data protection officer.

The course also includes:

    • Glossary of data protection terms that defines the terms used frequently throughout the course.

    • A video by one of our instructors on data protection from a global perspective, that is, the state of data protection in other countries and what it means for businesses and organisations both domestically and internationally.

Frequently Asked Questions

Course Participants and Requirements

  1. How much does the course cost?
    • The course is free.
  2. Who can take the course?
    • This course is targeted at members of the legal profession, civil society organizations, small and medium sized businesses, law students, data journalists and members of the public who are interested in better understanding the Data Protection Act and advancing their knowledge on data protection in Kenya.
  3.   Are there any prerequisites?
    • There are no prerequisites. The course is open to all interested parties regardless of prior knowledge and experience with data-centric matters.


We anticipate your participation in the forthcoming Data Protection Course cohort.

The Online Learning Experience

  1. When does the course begin?
    • To be announced.
  2. How long will the course take?
    • The online course is self paced. You will have a month from the date of commencement to complete your review of the course material and the attendant assignments.
  3. Do I need specific equipment to take the online course?
    • The online course will be facilitated through the Strathmore University Learning Management System (LMS). It can be accessed on mobile or tablet devices. We strongly recommend that you also have access to a desktop or laptop  computer and reliable internet connection for certain course components.
  4. What do I do if I have a question about the course content?
    • For any questions or clarifications as to the course content please send an email to with the subject Data Protection Course Content.
  5. How can I contact technical support during the course?
    • For any technical support please email with the email subject as Technical Support.

Course Completion

  1. I have completed the course, what next ?
    • When you successfully complete the online course you will be eligible to receive a digital certificate of participation.
  2. Who should I contact if I have additional questions?