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About Strathmore University

Strathmore started in 1961 as the first multi-racial Advanced Level College in Kenya and has since transitioned to a fully-fledged University. The institution holds a peerless reputation for quality in academic and professional education as well as personal formation. In 2011 Strathmore became the first University in Africa to innovatively incorporate green technology in its new buildings. This expansion doubled the built capacity and created sitting space for 2000 more students amidst servicing other space needs for student interaction, business incubators, research centers, medical Centre and office space.

Strathmore Law School

Strathmore Law School (SLS) is one of the constituent schools of Strathmore University (SU). Strathmore Law School’s mission is to achieve legal excellence through providing a supportive learning environment that inspires innovative and critical thinking, promoting ground-breaking research, actively pursuing justice, and nurturing virtuous leaders.


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