Felix Atandi is a cybersecurity consultant, data governance expert and an applied researcher in privacy-preserving technologies. He is the Security Solutions Architect at CyberTembo, a cybersecurity company in East Africa and has been a Subject Matter Expert with over 10 years of experience in the field. His research interests span theoretical and applied cryptography and their application to everyday problems throughout computer science regarding Security by Default and Design. He has a BSc. In Computer Science from Kabarak University and an MSc. Computer Forensics and Cyber Security; ‘Threat Intelligence using Honeypots’ from the University of Greenwich, London. Throughout his career, Felix has developed a skill set directly relevant to cybersecurity including an intersection of digital forensics, cyber policy & governance, information security regulatory compliance, development of strategic cybersecurity frameworks as well as industry best practices and methodologies. His research interest covers the design, analysis and implementation of efficient privacy-preserving cryptographic techniques and their applications. Specifically, with a strong focus on topics covering Homomorphic Encryption, Secure Multiparty Computations, Differential Privacy and Post-Quantum Cryptography. His research is inherently ground-up and driven by the co-production of knowledge with diverse groups of people, in order to understand the wider security implications of information technology.