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(11) Patent Number: KE 84
(45) Date of grant: 05/10/1999
(51) Int.Cl.3:G 01G 19/07, 19/12
(21) Application Number: 1999/000270
(22) Filling Date: 11/03/1999
(73) Owner: DIXO NGOWA SARRO of, P 0 BOX 12441 NAIROBI, Kenya
(72) Inventor: DIXO NGOWA SARRO
(57) Abstract: A Trigger Mechanism (device) mounted on the shock strut of an Oleo System or A shock Absorber to facilitate the measurement of the Downward Displacement of the Shock Strut along the shock shaft of an Airport or Vehicle when weight is added onto the airport or vehicle. The Trigger Mechanized to send a signal to connected computerswhich will translate the signal of the linear measure of the shock strut travel into weight in kilograms ,and present a read-out of the gross weight of the aircraft or vehicle.

In Relation to Aircraft; the present method of determining the Aircraft Gross Weight (AGW) is by adding the Aircraft Empty Weight (AEW) to the Payload to get the Zero Fuel Weight (ZFW). The ZFW is what the Pilot enters on his Flight Management Computer (FMC). The FMC already has the quantity of the total fuel on board the Aircraft as it gets a direct signal from the sensors in the tanks which it translates into digital figures in kilograms of fuel. Once the Pilot enters the ZFW into the FMC, the FMC adds it to the fuel quantity and provides a Digital Read -out ofthe AGW. The Pilot gets ZFW from a Load sheet presented to him by a Load Control Officer, The Load Control Officers get so the Payload weight figures from the Check-in Counter Personnel and the Cargo Acceptance Counter Personnel. The Passengers are not even weighed. Their weight is assumed to be that for males 75kg and that for females 65kg. Their hand luggage is not weighed but is assumed. Experience has proved that some males and females can weigh over 300kg each. The hand luggage they carry sometimes weigh over 100kg. Human greed also sets in, and for a little Tip or bribe, some Excess baggage is not weighed whereas tones of cargo getloaded into the Aircraft without their weight being reflected on the load-sheet.
This has continuously caused the unnoticed Overloading of Aircraft, because the Pilot rely on what is presented to him on the Loadsheet. The dangers of flying an Overloaded Aircraft cannot be over emphasized. Most Aircraft crashes are due to overloading although Pilot Error in such cases appear to be the most suitable excuse. The Engines of the Aircraft are designed to produce enough power to sustain the Aircraft and its weight in the air, however when such an Aircraft is Overloaded, and partial or complete single engine failure occurs, the power generated by the remaining engine is rendered insufficient to maintain the aircraft on its desired flight profile. Contrary to design expectations, the Aircraft Crashes, causing a Tragedy.
An Overloaded Aircraft is heavier than its known Gross Weight, so if it has to remain in the air and fly at desired speed, the Pilot is required to add more power. Adding more power means burning more fuel per flight sector; this results in Loss of Revenue. The Extra Weight which is loaded into the Aircraft without being reflected to on the Loadsheet is in most cases as a result of the cheats at the check-in Counters who may have been tipped well or bribed, so no charges for the same weight are made, again the Air Operator loses Revenue. When an Aircraft crashes, Human Life, Money, Property and confidence in the Aircraft type is lost, hence, the Aircraft Manufacturers, the Air Operators, the Passengers and Crew- all lose out!

In Relation to Buses/Lorry Truck; Overloaded Buses/Lorry Trucks have been a source of a lot of damage to Mankind and his Environment. Overloaded Lorry Trucks have destroyed Roads, especially in Third World Countries. Drivers of such Overloaded Trucks have often lost control due to the Overweight thereby killing other Road users. The same problem caused by overloaded Lorry' Trucks apply to Overloaded Buses too. The only exception is that when an overloaded But has an accident, a lot of human life is lost.
The present Invention relates to an improvement to existing technology, in relation to Aircraft, my Invention will eliminate the use ofthe Loadsheet as a means ofgetting the Aircraft Gross Weight. By applying my Invention, once to the Aircraft Electrical Systems are powered, an Instantaneous Read-out of the Aircraft Gross Weight will be presented on the FMC screens when the performance page is selected. All the Pilot will be required to do is to cross check the Maximum RTOW, the Aircraft All-Up Weight (AUW) Structural Limit and the AGW. The lesser of the RTOW and the AUW will be the limiting Factor. The Pilot will then decide either to reduce Payload or fuel if the AGW exceeded the limiting Factor in order to achieve an acceptable RTOW and avoid an Overweight situation. While knowing the amount offuel on board the Aircraft and the Aircraft Empty Weight, it will be easy to work out the Payload and compare with what the check-in Personnel have recorded. My Invention will improve the Current Technology by: - (1). Eliminating Overloading of Aircraft. (2) Saving Lives as Aircraft Crashes due to Aircraft Overloading will be not possible. (3) Saving money as cheats will not be able to sneak into the aircraft any extra weight without being noticed, so all payload will be paid for. (4) Saving money as there will be no more money lost due to extra file bum in flight due to un-declared weight. (5) Making flying more safe 5 and more financial viable.
In relation to Bus/Lorry Truck: My Invention will eliminate: (1) the construction and use of massive weigh Bridges as the Vehicle Gross Weight will automatically be presented in the Drivers Cabin. A single Traffic Police Officer will be required to open the Bus/Truck Drivers door and read for himself the Gross Weight of to the Vehicle. (2) The Overloading of Vehicles as Drivers will be able to read for themselves the Gross Weight without having to rely on Weight figures given to them by someone else. (3) The Damage ofRoads, Infrastructure etc. as the Vehicles plying through such Roads will be within the required Axle Load Limit. (4) The unnecessary delays at Weigh Bridges where Trucks have to queue for is their tum to be weighed. (5) The loss of human life, property, money etc. due to overloading ofvehicles.
Description of Invention: - In relation to Aircraft, my Invention includes; (1) Mounting a Trigger Mechanism on both undercarriage Shock Struts (1) (See Diagram No.1). NOTE: The Trigger Mechanism could be either a Micro-switch, a Transducer, a Sensor etc. The Trigger Mechanism so mounted will move downward with the shock strut once a weight is added onto the Aircraft (see diagram No 1). The movement will activate
Trigger Mechanism which is connected to a Computer (1) (see diagram No. 2). The Computer will receive the signal representing the downward displacement. The Computer will translate the signal into weight in kilograms.
NOTE: The position where the Trigger Mechanisms touches the Shock shaft with no weight added to the Aircraft is to be marked to indicate the Aircraft Empty Weight (3) (see diagram No.1). This position is to be taken as the Reference point corresponding to the AEW. (1) Both Computers (I) (see diagram No. 2), connected to the Trigger to Mechanisms will send a signal representing their calculated weights to a Comparator (2) (see diagram No. 2), another Computer that will compare the calculated AGW from each Computer. Ifthere exist a difference in the AGWs so presented, the Comparator is to work a mean figure and send it to the FMCs GI (see diagram No. 2) as the correct AGW. The FMCs will then is present a Read-out of the AGW on the performance page on their individual screens. () (See Diagram No. 2). (2) The Comparator (Computer) is also to be connected to the Aircraft Ground Switch/Sensor (see diagram No. 2) such that when the Aircraft gets Airborne, the Comparator stops to send signals to the FMCs. The AGW will now be controlled by the FMCs as per already so existing practice, whereby the AGW will be reducing as the Aircraft bums fuel in flight. (3) The FMCs to be made to have a provision for the Pilot to enter his worked-out RTOW for the flight, so that the FMCs can compare the RTOW, the AGW and the Aircraft AUW Structural Limit and determine whether or not there exists an overweight condition. The AGW should be equal to or less than the maximum RTOW which should also be less than or equal to the Aircraft Structural AUW Limit. Where the AGW is greater than either the maximum RTOW or the Aircraft Structural AUW Limit, a flash warning will be activated to warn the Pilot of the existence of an Overweight situation and compel him to take action to arrest the situation. (4) The Overweight Signal is to be connected to the Aircraft Take-off Configuration Warning System (already in use in most Aircraft today), such that if the Pilot so ignores the Overweight flashing warning on the FMC's Screens, he/she will be prevented from Take-offby the Take-off Configuration Warning that will come on when he advances the throttles for the Take-off.
In relation to Buses/Lorry Trucks, my Invention include to: - Mount a Trigger Mechanism on the Shock Absorbers of the Vehicle to measure the downward displacement of the main body. The Trigger Mechanism to be connected to Computers as stated above in relation to Aircraft. The Computers to send their calculated Weights to the Comparator which will send its signal in a digital form to a gauge in the Drivers Cabin on the Dashboard. The gauge will provide to any interested person an Instantaneous Read-out of the Vehicle Gross Weight.
(1) The introduction, Implementation and use of a Device (system) which will provide an Instantaneous Read-out of the Aircraft Gross Weight once the Aircraft Electrical Systems are powered.
(2)The mounting of a trigger Mechanism (Micro Switch, Transducer, Sensor etc.) on the part of the Oleo system (Shock Strut) to facilitate the Instantaneous Aircraft Gross Weight Read-Out on the FMC Screens in the Cock-pit as related to claim No. 1.
(3)The Introduction, Implementation and use of a Device (system) which will enable the Aircraft to determine on its own, its Gross Weight based on the Description of my Invention above or any part of it in relation to claim No. 1 and No. 2.
(4) The Introduction, Implementation and use of a Device (system) which will facilitate the Instantaneous Read-out of Vehicles Gross Weight in the Drivers Cabin, derived from my Invention in relation to claim Nos. 1, 2 and 3.





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