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(11) Patent Number: KE 58
(45) Date of grant: 10/03/2005

(51) Int.CL6: A 01G 25/02, 25/06

(21) Application Number: 1997/ 000217

(22) Filing Date: 11/08/1997
(73) Owner: ISAAC GITAU MUNYIRI of, P.O Box 72286 Nairobi, Kenya


(57) Abstract:
This is an invention of an irrigation system that is manufactured by use of flexible pipes and metal pipes, metal structures, adaptors and end-cap and adjustable stands with wheels. The system applies a 'Block irrigation method' in contrast to Circular irrigation method, by use of water sprinklers.

The Shower Irrigation Trolley was invented and designed by Mr. Isaac G. Munyiri at his farm in Maragwa District. Mr. Munyiri is a horticultural farmer and after experimenting with many water irrigation systems finally designed the Shower Irrigation Trolley watering system. This was after several years of research and development which culminated in this invention.



The water sprinkler irrigation system is a system that uses sprinklers for water to reach the plants. The sprinklers are usually manufactured in different sizes and pressure ratings to enable them sprinkle the water in circular formations, as the sprinklers rotate on fixed metal stands that rotate on 360 degrees to water plants within that radius. It is the water pressure that is created within the pipes that makes the sprinklers to rotate. According to the English Dictionary the word 'sprinkle' is defined as - to scatter in small drops or particles or to baptize with a few drops of water. As the sprinkler can only scatter the water in small drops, it therefore has to rotate several hundred times within its radius before a plant is sufficiently watered.

The disadvantage with sprinkler irrigation systems is that it is very slow as the water pressure has to be created to rotate the sprinkler. Very little water therefore is released through the holes of the sprinkler. This is the reason why this particular irrigation system is called the sprinkler system because it releases water in small drops as the dictionary defines it.

The other disadvantage of this system is that it does not differentiate between when the plants do not need too much water especially at the time the plants are young during seeding or transplanting and the time plants are growing or have attained maturity and plants need more water. The sprinkler system waters the ground indiscriminately in a "blanket method" even in areas where the plant root system has not covered. For example if tomato plants are planted at rows of 3 ft apart, the sprinkling system will water the ground in between the rows even though the roots will take time to penetrate the ground in between. In fact, it may take over two months for the tomato plant roots in one row to interweave with those of the next row and it therefore makes watering the ground in between the rows unnecessary and wasteful during the early plant life.
The above shortcomings of the sprinkler watering system led to the design and invention of the "Shower Irrigation Trolley' which is several times more efficient than the sprinkler system depending on the stage of plant growth. In other words, where a sprinkler system will irrigate one acre of land in a day, the Shower Irrigation Trolley will irrigate 5 acres or more within the same day all other things being equal. This experiment was carried out at our farm with a portable water pump of 5 horse power with an overhead of approximately 30 meters. It was also noted that the efficiency of the "Shower Irrigation Trolley" increases as the horse power of the water pump increases and large water pipes are used.


The Shower Irrigation Trolley is designed as per the attached drawings and their descriptions. The equipment, sources the water directly from the river or dam through a "feeder pipe". The water is pumped through "feeder pipe" and as the water flows through the "irrigator pipe" it showers the plants from above like rain with enough water as per each plant requirement. Of particular design is the "irrigator pipe" with its numerous holes from which water pours from, the four adjustable stands with locking gear on each stand, the pressure breaker between the "irrigator pipe" and the "feeder pipe" and the end cap which prevents the water from spilling over and forces it back to the "irrigator pipe", so that water pours through the numerous holes that showers the plants.


The "Shower Irrigation Trolley" is designed to operate in a "Block Irrigation Formula" on a block of approximately 28 ft width but with an unlimited length which can stretch for miles and miles. The "width" can be extended to more than 28 ft but this length has been experimented on and found to be most economical. The plants also must be planted in rows of 28 ft within the block for the whole stretch of the block to facilitate irrigation. The wheels of the Trolley are rolled along two paths on each side of the block until all the plant rows on each block are properly watered. Then, the Trolley is moved to the next block and so on and so on.

The "feeder pipe" to the 'Irrigator pipe" is rolled along one of the paths as the "Shower Irrigation Trolley" rolls astride the block to be irrigated. When the "Shower Irrigation Trolley" is shifted to the next block, the "feeder pipe" is not shifted. The Trolley equipment is designed in such a way that it can be connected to the "feeder pipe" from either side. The feeder pipe is moved only when the "Shower irrigation Trolley" is irrigating the 3rd and 4th block", the "5th and 6th block" the "7th and 8th block" and so on, In fact, were several feeder pipes to be put in place for every two blocks, there would be no need to shift the feeder pipe and one would only need to shift the "Shower Irrigation Trolley".

The "Block Irrigation Formula" is a very economical way of irrigation that saves time and there is no water wastage in its application.

After the assembling of the equipment, there are very few moving parts apart from the wheels. This makes the equipment and its accessories almost maintenance free, thereby reducing irrigation costs.


The actual detail of the manufacture and design is as per the attached two sets of drawings with the details of various cross sections.

The main advantage of the Shower Irrigation Trolley over the overhead Sprinkler Irrigation System is that when the "Shower Irrigation Trolley" "pours" the water through the numerous holes on the irrigator pipe, its "rival" the Sprinkler System, releases the water in very small amounts making it most uneconomical. The "Shower Irrigation Trolley" therefore, is an irrigation system that will benefit farmers in its application, leading to more employment and increased productivity, especially in horticultural farming and other related fields, not to mention other economic linkages.

                                                                                                                ISAAC G. MUNYIRI
                                           SHOWER IRRIGATION TROLLEY


The following is claimed:-

1. The adjustable stands and their locking gear mechanism as demonstrated in drawing sheet no. 2 detail sections X-X and detail section Y-Y. Also drawing no. 2 detail section K-K.

2. The water pressure breaker as demonstrated in drawing sheet no. 1 drawing no .1.

3. The application of adaptors with bush as applied in drawing sheet no 1 drawing no-1.

4. The application of "end-cap" as applied in drawing sheet no. 1 drawing no. 1.

5. The positioning of metal structures supporting the "Irrigator pipe as demonstrated under drawing sheet no. 1 Detail Section A-A.

6. The ability of the "Shower Irrigation Trolley to irrigate directly from the river/dam or water tank by use of flexible "feeder pipes".

7. The "Block Irrigation Formula" concept, by use of the Shower Irrigation Trolley vis a vis the circular irrigation method by use of pressurized water sprinklers.

8. The "Irrigator pipe" and its numerous holes as demonstrated in drawing sheet no.2 drawing no.2.

9. All the above claims and as shown complete in drawing sheet no. 1 drawing no. 1 and as noted in the description sheets.

                                                                                                             ISAAC G. MUNYIRI
                                          SHOWER IRRIGATION TROLLEY

This is an invention of an irrigation system which is manufactured by use of flexible pipes and metal pipes, metal structures, adaptors and end-cap and adjustable stands with wheels.

There is a "feeder pipe", which is connected to the "irrigator pipe". The "irrigator pipe" is full of numerous small holes for the whole length of the pipe from which water pours freely and irrigates the plants.

The "Shower Irrigation Trolley" is driven manually by the four adjustable stands on a wheel which enables the Trolley to be adjusted accordingly to height of plants.

The system applies a "Block Irrigation method", in contrast to the "Circular Irrigation Method," by use of water sprinklers.


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