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(11) Patent Number: KE 27

(45) Date of grant: 25/03/1997


(51) Int.CI.7: A 01N 25/00

(21) Application Number: 1995/000166

(22) Filing Date: 13/07/1995



(57) Abstract: MENDECIDE is a cockroach killer whose active ingredient is 15.73% boracic acid in breadstuff powder as an attractant. This is mixed with fresh milk to make a paste for good application.
                                               MENDECIDE: THE COCKROACH KILLER
The invention, Mendecide, is a drug used for wiping out cockroaches. Cockroaches are domestic pests and exist in 3 species, namely; Blatella Germanica, Blatella Americana and Blatella Orientalis. These are found in most parts of the world.

The Blatella family of insects is amongst the oldest fossil insects, remaining unchanged for the last 320 million years. The adult roaches vary in size, have an oval body and are light brown in color. Both sexes exist and live together, preferring warm, dark and quiet places such as cracks sewerage pipes, cisterns etc.

They feed on starchy materials but have been found to eat almost anything that comes their way. They damage more materials than they normally eat and emit disagreeable odor.

The life span of the Blatella species is almost similar, one year and 6 months. The female deposits 50 or more egg-cases called oothecae three days after mating. It carries them in its abdomen for about 20 days and they hatch out after about 45 days if deposited in favorable conditions. Nymph life spans for 11 - 14 months and the adult life takes about 200 days depending on the circumstances.

The relevance of cockroaches to man is by the nature of their habits. They are known to craw over utensils, cooked food in kitchens, others fly over people while asleep and sometimes feed on anything. In their night errands, they have caused electric shocks in wall sockets, blown electrical appliances e.t.c. On the account of the above described habits, they have been proven to carry various fungi and protozoa and act as intermediate hosts for parasitic nematodes. Many diarrhoea disease in children are some of the illness the cause.

It is against this background that anti-cockroach insecticides have been manufactured with intention to wipe them out since they are such a nuisance. any sprays,  dusting powders, aerosols, e.t.c have been manufactured. A lot of money has been invested in their development and production but this does not seem to cope with the cockroach population growth worldwide. Most insecticides are short-acting, others simply inactivate the roaches for some short time and they wake up and go. Powders are either blown or washed away and therefore short-lasting. Those roaches that hatch out later (plus new invaders) need re-applications of the insecticide in order to achieve a long-lasting kill. All this needs lot money to the person who would like to live in a clean, un-shaming, cockroach-free environment.

The present invention relates to the development of a cockroach killer called MENDECIDE. The final product is the Mendecide paste. Boracic acid is the active ingredient, breadstuff powder is an attractant and fresh milk is another attractant. Cockroaches feed on both fresh milk and breadstuff hence their application for the medicine mixture. Boracic acid is mixed with breadstuff in the ratio 1:2.3 to make MENDECIDE powder. Fresh milk is then added to this powder in the ratio 1:2 to make MENDECIDE paste, that is, borasic acid is 30gms added to 70gms of breadstuff and 50gms of fresh milk in the ratio 1:2.3:1.7. Note that this i s the minimal ratio of the mixture. This substance, MENDECIDE, acts as a stomach poison - digesting off the cockroach gastro-intestinal system. The roach then dies within hours of ingesting MENDECIDE.

MENDECIDE is safely smeared onto areas where cockroaches hide and lay eggs. For instance, in a kitchen room the paste is smeared in the dark areas or cracks found    in cupboards or walls and left to dry. As nymps and adult cockroaches’ craw around, they are attracted to the paste. Once eaten, it kills 99% of the cockroaches within a few minutes and the room remains free from cockroaches. MENDECIDE paste sticks for up to 6 months while active hence the environment remains cockroach-free for a good 3 years. If wider coverage is achieved with MENDECIDE the environment remains free for much longer. Best results are achieved if the product is stored in a cool dry place.

The active ingredient, Boracic Acid, H3B03 is obtained from waters of certain hot springs found chiefly in Italy. It is more commonly produced by treating a hot solution of sodium tetraborate with sulfuric acid. Na2B407 + 5H20 + H2S04 – Na2SO4 + 4H2B03 it crystallizes on cooling and becomes colorless, odorless crystals or whitish powder that can dissolve in water.

The attractant, breadstuff powder, is obtained from wheat flour and is whitish, odorless and sticky. Fresh milk preferably cow's milk is the other attractant. It is also used for better application and is whitish thick fluid with its distinctive, attractive odor.

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1. A process of making mendecide the cockroach killer by mixing boracic acid in breadstuff powder and fresh milk.

2. A process according to claim 1 where the boracic acid is used as the active ingredient.

3. A process according to claims 1 and 2 where the breadstuff is used as the attractant.

4. A process according to claims 1, 2 and 3 where the fresh milk is used to produce mendecide paste by mixing it with boracic acid and breadstuff in specific ratio described in paragraph 50.

5. A mixture of boracic acid, breadstuff and fresh milk of the ratio 1:2.3:1.7 applied on cracks which kill attracted cockroaches as described in paragraph 55.


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