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(11)    Patent No :    AP 2570   
(21)    Application No :    AP/P/2008/004573   
(22)    Filing Date :    19.01.2006   
(24)    Date of Grant &    23.01.2013   
(45)    Publication :

(30)    Priority Data

(33) Country  (31) Number   (32) Date
(84)    Designated State

BW    GM  GH   KE   LS   MW  MZ   NA   SL

SD    SZ   T Z   UG   ZM   ZW
 (73) Applicant(s)

ALLEXCELL, INC., 135 Wood Street, West Haven,  06516,

United States of America

(72) Inventors

DIWAN Anil, United States of America ONTON Ann Louise, United States of America TATAKE Jayant G, United States of America et al

(74) Representative

 (51)  International  Classification   C08K 5/05 (2006.01)    C08F 8/34 (2006.01)

(54)    Title

Solubilization and targeted delivery of drugs with self-assembling amphiphilic polymers

(57)    Abstract

There are provided amphiphilic biodegradable copolymers comprising a hydrophilic backbone with pendant aliphatic groups as the hydrophobic component. The polymers form nanoscale molecular aggregates in aqueous environments, which have hydrophobic interiors that are capable of solubilizing insoluble organic compounds such as drugs, vitamins, dyes, and imaging agents. The polymers optionally feature reactive functional groups that provide attachment points for antibodies, ligands, and other targeting moieties useful for the targeted delivery of drugs and imaging agents

(56)    Documents Cited :    US 5 919 442 A    US 2003/0072734 A1


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