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(11)Patent No :AP 2557(73) Applicant(s)

(21)Application No :AP/P/2008/004330NOKIA CORPORATION, Keilalahdentie 4, Fin-02150 Espoo,



(22)Filing Date :04.08.2006

(24)Date of Grant &18.01.2013


(45)Publication : 


(30)Priority Data(72) Inventors

(33) Country(31) Number(32) DateMALKAMAKI Esa, Finland

US60/705,83005.08.2005NAUHA Jukka, Finland


VIMPARI Anna-Mari, Finland

et al

(74) Representative

(84)Designated State





(51)InternationalClassificationH04L12/56 (2006.01)H04B 7/005 (2006.01)

H04Q 7/38 (2006.01)



Coordinating uplink control channel gating with channel quality indicator reporting 




The specification and drawings present a new method, system, apparatus and 


software product for dynamic gating of an uplink (UL) control channel, e.g., dedicated physical control channel (DPCCH) for increasing capacity of communications, e.g., wireless communications, wherein said gating is defined, using a predetermined criterion, by instructions provided by a network and by a transmission gap in a discontinuous data signal, e.g., 


(56)Documents Cited :EP 1304900    WO 2005034443 A1    WO 20040224677 A1



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