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(11)Patent No :AP 2539(73) Applicant(s)

(21)Application No :AP/P/2009/004792UHDE GMBH, Friedrich- uhde-Strasse 15, 44141 Dortmund,


(22)Filing Date :07.09.2007Germany

(24)Date of Grant &20.12.2012


(45)Publication : 


(30)Priority Data(72) Inventors

(33) Country(31) Number(32) DateRONALD Kim, Germany

DE10 2006 04521.09.2006


(84)Designated State(74) Representative





(51)InternationalClassificationC10B 15/02 (2006.01)C10B 29/00 (2006.01)

C10B 29/02 (2006.01)




Coke  oven comprising tertiary heating elements in the gas chamber




The invention relates to a coke oven of horizontal construction 


(non-recovery/heat recovery type) consisting of at least one coking chamber, laterally arranged vertical downcomers as well as bottom flues arranged horizontally and extending underneath the coking chamber for indirect reheating of said coking chamber, wherein one or more heating elements are arranged in the oven free space which in the intended operation of the coke oven is not destined for being filled with solid matter 


(56)  Documents Cited :EP-0742276 A



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