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(11)Patent No :AP 2522(73) Applicant(s)

(21)Application No :AP/P/2009/005061ENI S.p.A., Piazzale E. Mattei,1, I-00144, Rome,



(22)Filing Date :19.05.2008

(24)Date of Grant &29.11.2012


(45)Publication : 


(30)Priority Data(72) Inventors

(33) Country(31) Number(32) DatePATRON Luigi, Italy

ITMI 2007 A23.05.2007MALANDRINO Alberto, Italy



MOLINARI Mario, Italy

et al

(74) Representative

(84)Designated State




(51)InternationalClassificationC10G 47/26 (2006.01)C10G 49/04 (2006.01)

C10G 47/02 (2006.01)



Process for the hydroconversion of heavy oils 


A process for the conversion of heavy oils comprising sending the heavy oil to hydrotreatment, of the high severity type, in the presence of high concentrations of a suitable hydrogenation catalyst dispersed in slurry phase, effected in a suitable solid accumulation reactor capable of operating stably in the presence of solids deriving from and generated by the feedstock charged, wherein the hydrogen or mixtures thereof is fed at suitable flow -rates and suitably distributed, obtaining the conversion products in vapour phase directly in the reactor 


(56)Documents Cited :EP 0559 399 A    US 5 932 090 A



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