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(11)    Patent No :    AP 2118   
(21)    Application No :    AP/P/2004/003170   
(22)    Filing Date :    15.10.2004   
(24)    Date of Grant &    21.04.2010   
(45)    Publication :

(30)  Priority Data       
(33) Country    (31) Number    (32) Date
ZA    2003/7995    15.10.2003

(84)    Designated State

BW    KE   MW  NA   TZ   ZM   ZW
(73) Applicant(s)


1 Jan Smuts Avenue, Braamfontein, Johannesburg,
South Africa

(72) Inventors

SIDERAS- HADDAD Elias, South Africa

(74) Representative

(1)  International  Classification   G01N    1/22 (2006.01)    G01N 23/22 (2006.01)
G01N    33/14 (2006.01)   

(54)    Title

A method of dating biological material

(57)    Abstract

This invention relates to a method of dating, using a radioactive isotype of carbon, recent biological material, particularly elephant ivory and rhinoceros horn. The method makes use of calibration curves derived from the so-called bomb pulse which, as a result of testing of nuclear armaments in the 1950's and 1960's coupled with modern measuring techniques enables the accurate dating of post 1950 biological samples. The method is applied to aging biological samples to check whether they comply with e nvironmental group restrictions.

(56)    Documents Cited : Nuclear Instruments and methods in Physics Research Section B: Bean Interactions with

materials and atoms, Vol 223-4, August 2004; pp770-75


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