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(11)    Patent No :    AP 1964   
(21)    Application No :    AP/P/2007/004288   
(22)    Filing Date :    19.05.2006   
(24)    Date of Grant &    03.03.2009   
(45)    Publication :

(30)  Priority Data       
(33) Country    (31) Number    (32) Date
RO    A200500503    26.05.2005
RO    A200600191    23.03.2006

(84)    Designated State

BW    GM  GH   KE   LS   MW  MZ   NA   SL

SD    SZ   T Z   UG   ZM   ZW

(73) Applicant(s)

ENACHE Aurel, Ploiesti, Prahova Country, 16 Ion Maiorescu Street, BL.33N1, 6th Floor, apt.22.,

LUCA Liviu, Ploiesti, Prahova Country, 23 Gheorghe Doja Street, BL.34F, 8th Floor apt.15,


(72) Inventors

ENACHE Aurel, Romania

LUCA Liviu, Romania

(74) Representative


(51)  International  Classification   F23K 5/00 (2006.01)    F02M 27/04 (2006.01)

(54)    Title

Process and installation for increasing the burning energy produced by a natural  fuel gas.

(57)    Abstract

The invention refers to a process and an installation for increasing the burning

energy of a natural fuel gas upon burning the same for domestic or industrial purposes. The process claimed by the invention for increasing the burning energy produced by the natural fuel gas is characterized in that it comprises the steps of supplying the natural gas into a treatment chamber confined by a

cylindrical-shaped wall made up of a diamagnetic material, in front of which some electromagnetic units are placed in a spiral shape, of said electromagnetic units the terminal ones are diametrically opposed relatively to

the longitudinal vertical axis of the chamber, to create a rotating magnetic field which acts on the gas with only one polarity, in the conditions in which a rotating thermal field created by the cores of the electromagnetic unit s maintained at a temperature between 31° C ... 650 C acts simultaneously on the gas, thereby an energy transfer being ensured from the zero fluctuations of the vacuum towards the natural gas mass passing in an upward flow through the said chamber, before entering the chamber, the gas being

pre -heated and having a temperature ranging between 180 C ... 300 C, and in

the end, the gas thus treated is directed towards a burner. Installation claimed by the invention, for applying the process used for increasing the burning energy produced by the natural gas, based on the action of a magnetic field upon the gas is characterized in that it consists of a reactor [A} equipped with some electromagnetic units (1) and with a heat circuit [B], the heat circuit [B] comprising a tank (R) for the oil used as a thermal medium which heats the natural gas, wherein a number of electric resistors are placed in order to heat the oil, a pump (P) for handling the oil, an oil cooler (E) and

(56)    Documents Cited :    GB 2 323 215 A   US 4 238 183 A   JP 61211619 A


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