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(11) Patent Number: KE 129
(45) Date of grant: 10/11/2004

(51) Int.C1.6:H 04N 7/18
(21) Application Number: 1999/ 000289
(22) Filing Date: 09/09/1999
(73) Owner: DIXON NGOWA SARRO of, Kenya and DIXON NGOWA SARRO of , P.O BOX 12441 NAIROBI, Kenya
(72) Inventor: DIXON NGOWA SARRO
(57) Abstract:The system (Device Inter-link) is a system design to combat Airport High jacking Pilferage in the Cargoholds.It is controlled from the African security control panel in the cockpit .This system is a short -circuit video and it comprises among other items, security lights with security cameras in all relevant areas , Blow-out panels on all toilet doors and smoke generators at the recirculation fan and under the cowing’s of one engine. Each area of scan is vied form a single associated at the airport security control panel. Other required items include sprays of disabling agenyt /substances in sprayers to be stored in the cocpit.
Air Travel is so far the largest and most common mode of travel. The travelers are however under the constant risk of being high jacked and mostly their baggage being pilfered. The losses thereby achieved include loss of life and loss of valuables. My research has come up with overwhelming statistics that the security systems put in place at Airports to detect and arrest Terrorists and Drug Peddlers use the information from the X-ray Machines to alert Porters who load the baggage into the aircraft what bags have what, so that the Porters can cut through the bags and steal passenger valuables. Small amount of baggage pilferage is also done during off-loading the bags at destination. (For example, a local Airline Operator who boast to be the best in Eastern Africa released the financial results for the year 1998/1999 and it is amazing to note that while the Airline collected 19 million US Dollars in that period, it lost 3.1 million US Dollars due to pilferage in that period and only achieved a net profit of only 346,500 US Dollars). The Airline could not pay dividends to its shareholders. Most of these schemes involve the Airport Security Personnel, the Airline Security Supervisors and the Porters. With the increase in air travel, the frequency of high jacking has increased. Most highjackers assemble their weapons in the toilets or simple unpack the weapons in the toilets. My system if used will provide the Pilots the ability to monitor and thwart high jacking and pilferage of bags in the cargo holds. This will go a long way to provide safe and peaceful travel to destination for passengers and their baggage’s In order to come up with this invention, I had to research into human behavior to establish the driving force in humans that make them do things. My findings, although not verified by any recognized Authority, and for that matter I will not detail it here, made me conclude that humans do what they do because of FEAR. Humans do what they do because they fear if they do not do it, this or that undesirable something will happen to them or their dependents. Terrorists and thieves too do their criminal acts for fear of what will happen to them if they do not commit tenor or steal. Even ambition is bottom lined by fear. Now what happens if humans in the process of doing something, they are faced with GREATER FEAR? Say like faced with DEATH or GREATER HARM and not achieving their perceived OBJECTIVES? The answer is they RETREAT, Terrorists retreat, and they abandon their criminal intentions when faced with greater fear. For an example, when the highjackers of the Ethiopian Airlines B767 realized the Aircraft they were high jacking was going to crash due to lack of fuel, they stopped clobbering the co-pilot, went to their seats and even prayed for God to intervene and save the situation! The System (Devices Inter-Link) comprises of Security Video Cameras placed in each cargo hold, cabin sections, toilets, galley areas and above the cockpit door. (See diagram no. 1) In most aircraft today, the forward toilet is located just next to the cockpit door, such toilet is to be re-located to where the first class passengers hang their coats and the coats to be hanged where the toilet is located presently. (See diagram no. 2) This will provide a good distance for the terrorist to walk to the cockpit door if he used the front toilet to assemble or unpack his weapons. All toilets to have small holes on blow-out panels which the cabin crew can break open to confront the terrorist once noticed to be assembling weapons in the toilet. The Pilot would have noticed the terrorist through a security video screen and informed the Cabin Crew.
Presently for every toilet once the toilet lock is engaged from inside, the toilet light comes on and the Toilet occupied light notice also comes on, this light system is to be connected to the Security Video System in a way that when the toilet is locked from inside an associated light in the cockpit flashes to alert the Pilots that someone has entered such a toilet. The Pilot would at will select the video on to view what is happening in the corresponding toilet. If such a person is on a normal natural call, switch it off. If he detects anything abnormal, call the Cabin Crew and ask them to take action. (See Diagram No. 3) Small disabling gas sprays to be stowed in the cockpit could be used to spray into the toilet through small holes on blow-out panels that can be blown open from outside on the doors. (See Diagram No. 4). Note that the effect of the disabling gas should be strong enough to knock out the highjacker instantly on inhaling it and keep him/her so disabled for a few hours. Such substances are already in use by state security organizations in the world. Note also that it is important that the person applying the spray should be wearing a protective mask.The security video screen in the cockpit would enable the Pilots to monitor all that goes on in the aircraft including in the cargo holds. The screen would have divided sections, each section representing a viewing area in order to make the Pilots know where what is happening. A light to be incorporated in each cargo hold such that when a cargo door is opened the light comes on when the switch in the cockpit is selected to the normal position and the light to go off when the cargo door is closed. Note that an on-position of theswitch should have the lights come on whether or not the cargo door is open. (See diagram no.5). Having enabled the Pilot to see all that is happening in his aircraft the next step is to provide him with a fighting system, in this case to enable him create a greater fear to the terrorists in order to stop them from high jacking the plane and terrorize passengers, if the terrorists were not noticed and disabled by the cabin crew A press to set switch in the cockpit should be placed such that once pressed, it activates a smoke generator in the recirculation fan area and under the engine cowling of one engine. Once activated the smoke generators would produce smoke that would be then be passed through the air conditioning system to fill the cabin and cockpit. This would prompt the Pilot to land as soon as possible. The smoke generated under the engine cowling will be simply to prove to the highjackers that there is uninvent fire that needed landing as soon as possible. The aircraft will be uncomfortable to stay in but this would be a better solution to the problem at hand rather than allowing the terrorist to highjack the aircraft. The activating switch is to be made in such a way that it could be reset on the ground only once activated. Note (1) that landing as soon as possible means that the terrorists will not be able to commandeer the aircraft aft to their suitable airports (2) that the smoke generated although disturbing is not harmful to humans. (3) Thathighjackers are normally knowledgeable people on the aircraft they highjack but in this case
they would have to simply abandon their criminal act as the situation can only be resolved on ground. (The system is to be connected to the ground sensor switch that tells the aircraft is on the ground to enable the logic to allow reset). (4) that the kind of smoke generators referred to here are currently in use in the airbus A310-300 simulators, is to simulate air conditioning smoke and in the Boeing aircraft simulation s too. (5) That the fact that the terrorists are knowledgeable about the aircraft safety features, their knowledge is irrelevant once the system has been activated as it would be too late to reverse the situation. Recommendation of use of the System include the Pilots to be alert at all times and to be monitoring the Security Video System screen and to keep the cockpit door electrically locked in order to avoid intruders into the cockpit to take them by surprise. Advantages of this system include (a) Terrorists would be noticed through the security.
Video screen and stopped from carrying out their terror(b). Thieves would be noticed while cutting into bags in the cargo holds to steal and be arrested (c) generally the Pilots will be able to notice all suspicious characters and prevent them from endangering the safety of the flight including stowaways in cargo holds would be detected and off-loaded (d) It would also be possible for the Pilots to notice any drug hand-over to connected Cabin Crew for transfer from anyone who bring the drugs to the aircraft (e) While enabling the Pilot to see and be aware of what is happening anywhere in the aircraft, he/she will be in full control of his flight. (f) With an increased period on the memory of the security video system, it would be possible to retrieve pictures of what happened throughout the entire flight duration at destination in cases of reports of abnormal occurrences during the flight.
1. The installation of an aircraft anti-high jacking and anti-baggage pilferage system comprising of security video system, smoke generators and small holes on blow-out panels on all toilet doors to combat aircraft high jacking and baggage pilferage as described above.
2. The establishment of a security video system control panel in the cockpit to facilitate the objectives in claim No. 1
3. The installation of smoke generators at the re-circulation fan and under the engine cowlings of one engine and connect it to a switch in the cockpit to enable its activation to generate smoke in order to facilitate the objectives in Claim No. 1
The system (Devices Inter-link) is a System designed to combat Aircraft High jacking and (luggage Pilferage in the Cargo holds. It is controlled from the Aircraft Security Control Panel in the Cockpit (See Diagram No. 3). This system is a short-circuit video and it comprises among other items, Security Lights with Security Cameras in all relevant areas, (i.e. Cargo Bolds, All cabin section ceilings, above the cockpit door and in all toilets), Blow-out Panels on all toilet doors and Smoke Generators at the recirculation fan and under the cowlings of one engine. Each area of scan is viewed form a single associated screen at the Aircraft Security Control Panel. Other required items include sprays of disabling agent / substances in sprayers to be stowed in the cockpit.


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