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The following is a selection of publications published or co-published by members of CIPIT as well as other media reporting on the CIPIT’s research, outreach and training activities.



• Rutenberg, I & Nzomo, V N. Patenting the Un-Patentable: Lessons for African Patent Systems from a Review of Patent Subject Matter Exclusions in Kenya.  South African Intellectual Property Law Journal 5, pp 58 –74 (2017). Available at this link.

• Nzomo, Victor, Treatment of Buyer Power in Competition Law: Case of Supermarket Retail Sector in Kenya (January 31, 2017). The Law Society of Kenya Journal, Vol. 13, No. 1, 2017. Available at SSRN:

• Nzomo, V B, ‘Rethinking the Regulation of Collective Management Organizations in Africa: Legislative Lessons from Kenya, South Africa and Nigeria’ 1 African Journal of Intellectual Property (2016), 1. Available at this link.

• Rutenberg, I., & Makanga, L. (2016). Utility model protection in Kenya: The case for substantive examination. The African Journal of Information and Communication (AJIC), 19, 19-37. (PDF)

• Rutenberg, De beer, Nzomo,Millar., “A Framework for Assessing Technology Hubs in Africa.” New York University Journal of Intellectual Property and Entertainment Law. Available at this link. (PDF)

• Rutenberg,I & Mwangi, J., “Do patents and Utility Model Certificates Encourage Innovation in Kenya?” The Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Practice. Available at this link.

• Rutenberg, I & Nzomo, V N. “Towards a National Intellectual Property Policy in Kenya: What was once perceived as belonging to community is today complicated by the idea of ownership. How do we begin to understand this shift?” Jahazi Issue 6 Vol. 1, 27-31. Available at this link.

• Rutenberg.I, Gwagwa.A, & Gichuki.D, “Historical antecedents and paradoxes that shaped Kenya’s contemporary Information and Communication Technology policies.” Harvard African Policy Journal, 61-75. Available at this link



• Karanja, M., (CIPIT), Xynou, M., (OONI) & Filastò, A., (OONI), 2016. Kenya: Censorship-Free Internet? Access Link 

• Xynou, M., Filastò, A., & Karanja, M. Ethiopia: Evidence of social media blocking and Internet censorship (2016). Access Link 

• Xynou, M., (OONI), Filastò, A., (OONI), Karanja, M., Gwagwa, A., & Rutenberg, I. Zambia: Internet censorship during the 2016 general elections? (2016). Access Link

• Xynou, M., (OONI), Filastò, A., (OONI), Karanja, M., Gwagwa. The Gambia: Internet Shutdown during 2016 Presidential Election: Primary research on Internet censorship in The Gambia during the General Elections (2016): Access Link

• Gwagwa, A. "Digital Media: An emerging repression battlefront in Angola? A study of Internet based information controls in Angola, with a particular focus on the period around the 23 August 2017 General Election" - Center for Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law, Strathmore Law School, Strathmore University, Kenya. (PDF).

• Gwagwa, A. When Governments Defriend Social Media: A study of Internet-based information controls in the Kingdom of Lesotho with a particular focus on the period around the 3 June 2017 General Elections (2017): Access Link

• Karanja, M., (CIPIT) & Muthuri, R. (CIPIT), (2018). Intentional Internet Disruptions in Africa. (PDF).


In the press (selection)

• Comments on Proposed Regulations on Cyber Security (REGS) available on the Kenya Communication Regulator (Communication Authority) Website (2015) or on pages 42-46 in this PDF


Legislation and Policy Reviews


CIPIT's Memo to Parliament on the Computer and Cybercrimes Bill 2017: Access PDF


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