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The following is a selection of publications published or co-published by members of CIPIT as well as other media reporting on the CIPIT’s research, outreach and training activities.


Cyber Law in Kenya, Second Edition, by Isaac Rutenberg. Available at this link.

Intellectual Property Law in Kenya, by Isaac Rutenberg, Marisella Ouma, Peter Munyi. Available at this link.



• Rutenberg, I. & Nzomo, V. Patenting the un-patentable: Lessons for African patent systems from a review of patent subject matter exclusions in Kenya.  South African Intellectual Property Law Journal, 5, (2017) pp 58–74. Available at this link.

• Nzomo, V. Treatment of buyer power in Competition Law: Case of supermarket retail sector in Kenya. The Law Society of Kenya Journal, 13, 1(2017). Available at SSRN:

• Nzomo, V. Rethinking the regulation of collective management organizations in Africa: Legislative lessons from Kenya, South Africa and Nigeria. African Journal of Intellectual Property, 1, (2016), 1. Available at this link.

• Rutenberg, I., & Makanga, L. Utility model protection in Kenya: The case for substantive examination. The African Journal of Information and Communication (AJIC), 19, (2016) 19-37. (PDF)

• Rutenberg I., De beer J., Nzomo V., Millar P., Mwagi J. A framework for assessing technology hubs in Africa. New York University Journal of Intellectual Property and Entertainment Law, 6, 2(2017). Available at this link.

• Rutenberg, I. & Mwangi, J., Do patents and utility model certificates encourage innovation in Kenya? The Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Practice, 12, 3(2017). Available at this link.

• Rutenberg, I & Nzomo, V N. Towards a National Intellectual Property Policy in Kenya: What was once perceived as belonging to community is today complicated by the idea of ownership. How do we begin to understand this shift? Jahazi 1, 6(2017) 27-31. Available at this link.

• Rutenberg.I, Gwagwa.A, & Gichuki.D, Historical antecedents and paradoxes that shaped Kenya’s contemporary Information and Communication Technology policies. Harvard African Policy Journal, (2017) 61-75. Available at this link



• Karanja, M., (CIPIT), Xynou, M., (OONI) & Filastò, A., (OONI). Kenya: Censorship-Free Internet? (2016) Access Link 

• Xynou, M., Filastò, A., & Karanja, M. Ethiopia: Evidence of social media blocking and Internet censorship (2016). Access Link 

• Xynou, M., (OONI), Filastò, A., (OONI), Karanja, M., Gwagwa, A., & Rutenberg, I. Zambia: Internet censorship during the 2016 general elections? (2016). Access Link

• Xynou, M., (OONI), Filastò, A., (OONI), Karanja, M., Gwagwa. The Gambia: Internet Shutdown during 2016 Presidential Election: Primary research on Internet censorship in The Gambia during the General Elections (2016). Access Link

• Gwagwa, A. Digital Media: An emerging repression battlefront in Angola? A study of Internet based information controls in Angola, with a particular focus on the period around the 23 August 2017 General Election - Centre for Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law, Strathmore Law School, Strathmore University, Kenya. (PDF)

• Gwagwa, A. When governments defriend social media: A study of Internet-based information controls in the Kingdom of Lesotho with a particular focus on the period around the 3 June 2017 General Elections (2017). Access Link

• Karanja, M., (CIPIT) & Muthuri, R. (CIPIT). Intentional Internet Disruptions in Africa (2018). (PDF)

• Muthuri, R., Monyango, F., W. Biometric technology, elections, and privacy: Investigating privacy implications of biometric voter registration in Kenya's 2017 Election Process (2018). (PDF)  

• CIPIT. Intentional Internet disruptions in Africa: Estimating impact in observable and shadow economies (2018). Access Link  

• CIPIT. The Nature of information controls during electoral processes: The case of Kenya 2017 and Zimbabwe 2018 elections (2019). (PDF)

• CIPIT. Proportionality of security limitations on privacy: A checklist for legislative drafting & interpretation in Kenya (2019). (PDF)


In the press (selection)

• Comments on Proposed Regulations on Cyber Security (REGS) available on the Kenya Communication Regulator (Communication Authority) Website (2015)


Legislation and Policy Reviews

 CIPIT's Memo to Parliament on the Computer and Cybercrimes Bill 2017: Access PDF


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