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Journal of Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law. Call for Submissions

Journal of Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law.Call for Submissions. Click here for more details.

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The Nature of Information Controls during Electoral Processes

The Case of Kenya 2017 and Zimbabwe 2018 Elections. Register here.

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Our Partnership with Omidyar Network

The Appropriate use of Digital Identity: Why Omidyar Network invested in Three-Region Alliance. Click here for more details.

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Biometric Technology, Elections, And Privacy

Biometric Technology, Elections, And Privacy

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Intentional Internet Disruptions in Africa

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In the aftermath of security incidences in Kenya, National security has been brought to the fore front as a priority area. Terror attacks and similar events have resulted in the hasty passage of  various laws.  Such laws, intended as a remedy to the national security concern, have been found to infringedon fundamental human rights and freedoms enshrined in the Constitution of Kenya. In response, court challenges of the laws have led to a number of them being declared unconstitutional.  This practice of appropriating the legislative process followed by lengthy constitutional challenges is both costly and unnecessary. Therefore, there is a need for a proper methodology to ensure that national security interests are achieved while upholding the bill of rights. This study looked at the right to privacy in security laws. It provides a checklist of factors to consider in security legislations that touch on the right to privacy. Access Report Here.


ICT Policy

 All the TechPolicies around Africa.

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 A record of registered marks in Kenya.

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Granted Patents

For ARIPO and Kenya Patents.

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Kenya IP Case Law

IP-related cases from Kenyan courts.

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